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Monday, August 17, 2015

Rally for Bayview Cross = FAIL (WEAR Stories)

There was to be a "rally" in support of the Bayview cross on August 15th, 6pm.

Here's WEAR's story:

Background: I called Monday to see if they had reserved the space.  I was told they had not and it was not required - free speech, free to gather and all.  NOTE: There is a deadline on the rental agreements of two-weeks beforehand - obviously not met.  I dropped in Saturday (5:30-ish) and they had set up a sound system, using the electricity reserved for those reserving the space.  I asked and was told they had reserved the space and was told yes... therefore, I could not share the space.  No incident ensued.  I said a Pagan prayer of protection beneath the cross (while they sang and played over me), then left.

The event itself?  FAIL!  Here's the follow-up news story (from the page of one of the organizers):
**check out the kitty with the crown - classic Christian camp!

"Several" people attended.  Guess what?  The support often ends when actual action (not just Facebook comments and emails) is required.

I am following up about the application to use the space and waiving of the two-week deadline.  I also want to be sure they paid for the space, as required for everyone else.  Let's hope this doesn't prove to be more Christian privilege practiced by the City.

Frankly, I'm glad this rally was held.  It showed exactly what we needed to prove that the cross is not a secular symbol or mere art piece.  It is a purely religious nod to local Christians.  It serves no secular purpose whatever.  Even the minister (?)  who spoke said that removing it would be "like trying to bring a church down"... yes, from public land.  BTW, Bayview park is not the only place where outdoor Easter services are held.  There are SEVERAL around town and on the beach. Thanks for the damning quote, though!


  1. Well this is a cheeky blog. But its good to know the views of other side too i guess. But, i seriously hope that you can recognize the exalted wisdom and design in things and acknowledge the one True God.