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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Okaloosa School Board pre-meeting prayer CHAOS! (VIDEO, news links)

Here's the video of what happened when I tried to offer a prayer BEFORE the October Okaloosa School Board meeting.  The xtians have been holding prayer rallies before the meeting.  I asked to participate and got no answer.  So I exercised my equal civil right to pray.

The school board voted (illegally) to set rules to keep holding public prayers, but allow anyone local, representing a 501c3 organization (church).  They ditched the temporary, inclusive moment of silence.  They are supported by the Libery Counsel.  They are NOT protected by Galloway, like legislative body, but they want to test it.  They hold a final vote is in December.

Here's the NWFL Daily News (brief, video) story.  It's highlights:

Here's the FULL video, taken by someone in the room:

And here's a news story: