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Monday, August 17, 2015

Bayview Cross - Prior Cross Efforts, LARGER Replacement, Alt.Monument, Public Records Requests

I learned some interesting news this weekend.  Maybe 15 years ago, another group of citizens tried to work with the City to make the Bayview cross convertible - so it would not stand year round.  Their suggestion was to hinge it or make it removable - same as I suggested before engaging attorneys.  How did the City respond?  They put it off and said some changes were in the works for the park.  Apparently, for the cross, they were:

A NEW, LARGER cross (the one currently in place) was installed!!  I now have a public records request in to find out who paid for said newer, larger cross.  The current one eclipses the cross alleged to be placed at Calvary.  It's about 20 feet tall and quite thick.  I suspect it was erected by the City a taxpayer expense.  At the very least, they helped.  We'll see.

I've also noted that the cross has lighting on it.  Recently, it has been turned off - perhaps due to the controversy.  I have strong suspicions that the City has been paying to light the cross at night for years.  It's just more indication of the privilege and monetary support afforded to Christians by the City of Pensacola.

I've asked the mayor and Parks department (for a 4th time in a month) how one might apply to place another religious monument next to the cross.  Still no answer.

Finally, I've made a public request to the City for rental applications for previous Easter celebrations at the cross.  I want to be sure the churches who sponsor these events are paying for use of the space and providing liability insurance, cleanup, etc - as every secular group is required to do.  If not, the City will have some 'splaining' to do.

Stay tuned.


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  3. It is so refreshing to learn of a humanitarian, calling out supposedly secular governmental and civic institutions, on flagrant violations of the Constitution, established Law and separation of Church and State. Somehow, it becomes their justification, their panacea for all situations, because they believe their belief in their God makes them always right, but especially, [though speciously] morally superior, since they worship the 'true' god and others outside of their caste, do not. So they will shout you down..!! This sanctimonious hypocrisy is anathema to the teachings they claim to represent and their loud repetitious invocations offend my sensibilities. I respect their right to their magic spells and special hand signs to please their gods. Can they not respect my right, not to afflict me with their chosen deity. This is Not a Christian Nation, despite what they have mistakenly construed, it is a secular nation which permits and acknowledges all religions, not just Christians. Faith is deeply personal and individual. Overt symbols of religion, both emblems and dress, are offensive to all other beliefs and are designed to be so, segregationist and exclusionary. Public prayer is an affront. Matthew 6: 5-6
    Kudos to David for representing All religions and beliefs and advocating for inclusion at ECSB. It appears your christians have forgotten their teachings and the US Law...

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