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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Pensacola News Journal Coverage (+ WEAR)

Will Isern is doing a generally good job covering this.  Unfortunately, there is little legal news from the City, only the political angle, which makes better copy.

Initial story, slightly edited when City responded:

Troy Moon's editorial, supporting the cross:

Update, where the City rejects the idea of removing the cross:

**To find the HUGE (and ignorant, mostly legally irrelevant) social media backlash in social media, find these articles on the Pensacola News Journal's Facebook page.

WEAR TV3 also did a story, much less detailed, but equally enraging to some locals (who like to mix church and state to their advantage) on social media.


  1. You are sharing great news but I still didn't understand the concept of these pictures? Please elaborate and update it again. Thanks