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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

PICS: Cross-to-Anchor, Historic Info on Stage, PNJ & City Council 1951

Below is some of the (scant) data I've collected about the history of the cross.

But first, here's what they did to a cross in Grand Haven, Michigan.  I LOVE IT!  I wish they would do this here!!  It would be so appropriate, since the cross overlooks the water and we have a long, stories Naval history here.

And now the FEW resources I could find, as well as a pic of the plaque dedicating THE STAGE, NOT THE CROSS itself.

From the City Council minutes, 1951 concerning the stage.  The resolution itself is lost, I'm told:

An article about THE STAGE, not the cross itself, from a 1951 Pensacola News-Journal microfilm:

And a close-up of the plaque dedicating THE STAGE to Frasier Phelps.  I have no problem with the plaque or the stage.  In fact, I contacted his family (mentioning only that I was researching the history of the cross) to learn about the early history of the Easter services.  They were very helpful.  There is no plaque commemorating the cross itself - probably because it is has no historical significance, except to celebrate Christianity in Pensacola.

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